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Evictions in California follow a complex, confusing and sometimes contradictory set of laws.

If you are not careful, you can find yourself owing your tenant money instead of the other way around.

Mr. Shumway has been representing both commercial and residential landlords for over 20 years.

Through his careful and aggressive efforts, he has been able to help landlords regain their property and in many cases, collect the back rent that is due.

With Mr. Shumway as your eviction lawyer you can...

Get back the control of your property

Start getting a new tenant faster

Possibly get the amount owed

Avoid the complex minefield created by COVID-19 eviction laws

Understand the procedures and timelines that must be followed

Adjust your eviction strategy to California's laws

Mr. Shumway handles eviction cases representing:


Property Managers

Commercial Property

Mr. Shumway 35+ years of experience give him offer you his support handling eviction cases avoiding the risks associated with taking actions without a full understanding of the California's eviction laws.

Contact us and let us help you solve your eviction disputes.

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