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Creditor-Debtor Issues

Take action to collect the money that is owed to you

With a creditor-debtor case, Mr. Shumway helps business owners and others collect the money that is owed to them, defend against adversary actions, and take back control of their properties.

Creditor-Debtor cases allow you to...

Bring lawsuits
against debtors

Creditors in bankruptcy can bring lawsuits against debtors who were not honest in their dealings with them or the court.

Defend against
adversary actions

Mr. Shumways represents innocent parties who are brought into an adversary action by the trustee or other creditors.

Regain control
of your properties

Obtain relief from the automatic stay in bankruptcy so the creditor can finish evicting a non-paying tenant or complete the foreclosure on a piece of real property.

We've been representing debt related cases for over 35 years, handling hundreds of cases, helping numerous clients’ reorganize and rebuild their businesses, restart their finances, collect the money they are owed.

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