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Business Disputes

Business disputes are not just about the law

To be successful in solving a business dispute one needs to understand the financial, organizational, and operational consequences of any possible arrangement.

Mr. Shumway combines his law practice with the extensive experience and knowledge that gives him a clear understanding of finance, accounting, partnership disputes and
corporate or LLC issues.

With Mr. Shumway you get a his law perspective and advice coupled with the view of a


0 years

His experience before his law practice. During that time and since, he has handled several hundred business disputes and collection matters.

Judge Pro Tempore

0 years

As a Placer County Superior Court judge pro-temp handling settlement conferences and related matters.

Mr. Shumway 35+ years of experience give him the opportunity to look at your business or corporate disputes from a wide variety of points of view to help you look for an appropriate solution.

Contact us and let us help you solve your business disputes.

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